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Caring for your BradleyJeans is easy. The less you care for them, the better. The more you wear BradleyJeans, the better. Our on-going recommendation is to treat your BradleyJeans like a coat; you don't wash your coat every time you wear it. You might wash your coat once a winter if it really needs it. You wash it, then you wear it. Simple: wear often. work hard. Wash rarely.We encourage everyone to make their jeans last as long as possible. Often with a few simple (and not so simple) repairs, you can get many miles from your jeans. Instead of retiring your jeans to the back of the closet, email us for an estimate. We will repair any type of jean. Using our dedicated repair machine (darning, zig-zag, chain-stitch and walking foot) we work to provide you a durable, secure and aesthetic repair that will extend the life and wear of your jeans.  



Our craftsmanship is achieved by continually pursing superb fit while maintaining the durability necessary for everyday wear. Each pair of BRADLEYis handcrafted using specifically selected vintage and new machines. Each machine chosen for its stitch type and function which lends to the best possible construction of the jean. Putting craftmanship first and fore most allows us to develop authentic blue jeans.

 Unit Inches:
Back Rise

Leg Opening
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Tips for ordering BRADLEY jeans

BRADLEY offers 2 categories of Jeans, one is "custom jeans" where all the denim avaiable is of non-stretch material and the other category is that of "stretch jeans", where all the denim fabrics have stretch properties.

BRADLEY  are "5 pocket style back pockets.

BRADLEY recommends giving FIX i.e finished measurements for the Thighs and Knees for more accurate results, you can measure an existing pair of jeans and enter accordingly.

BRADLEY jeans  - Hard Wash
True Blue De
nim, 12 oz Premium Category Denim Jeans
Denim from our latest range of fabrics.
12oz Denim washed, 100% Cotton and extra soft feel.
Each piece is individually cut from rolls of denim fabric and stitch accordingly.
Hard Washed at high temperatures to give complete shrinkage.
Leather labels.

5 Pocket Style.
Metal Buttons and Rivets Reinforced.

Made to your measurements.
Fix: Fix means Finished garment measurments. You define the fit by giving the finished(FIX) Thighs, Knee and Leg Bottom measurements. We recommend giving Fix measurements for a more accurate fit required.

Measure the length from the waist to the floor or the length you want, you should measure the length while wearing your shoes.
  1. To get more accurate measurements you may also measure the outer length of your existing jeans and input the length which you find greater
  2. Please note this is outer length and NOT inseam.

  1. Measure the waist area where you want to wear your Jeans. Make sure the tape is snug, but not pulling tightly, and not too loose.
  2. Do NOT mention your label size, measure your waist according to the instructions above, ready made jeans waist measurement is always more than their label sizes and vary from brand to brand

  1. Seat is the widest part of your hips. Keep the measuring tape here and the area which gives the maximum measurement is the "SEAT" required.

Front Raise
  1. Measure from the crotch where the inseam meets the front and back seams to the top of the waistband.
  2. Measure with the front laid flat, pull the area to the fullest.
  3. You may increase or decrease this measurement based on personal preference.

back_riseBack Rise.
  1. Measure from the crotch where the inseam meets the front and back seams to the top of the waistband on the rear.
  2. We will increase/decrease the back rise incase we feel that it seems a bit off or do not come in the range of your other measurements.