Caring for your BradleyJeansis easy. The less you care for them, the better. The more you wear BradleyJeans, the better. Our on-going recommendation is to treat your BradleyJeanslike a coat; you don't wash your coat every time you wear it. You might wash your coat once a winter if it really needs it. You wash it, then you wear it. Simple: wear often. work hard. Wash rarely.
We encourage everyone to make their jeans last as long as possible. Often with a few simple (and not so simple) repairs, you can get many miles from your jeans. Instead of retiring your jeans to the back of the closet, email us for an estimate. We will repair any type of jean. Using our dedicated repair machine (darning, zig-zag, chain-stitch and walking foot) we work to provide you a durable, secure and aesthetic repair that will extend the life and wear of your jeans.


  • "Thank you, I am sure I will shop from you again, your service is great." -Adam (NEWYORK)
  • "Easy self measuring, great product and friendly customer service/emails. Id buy from Bradley jeans again in a heartbeat! THANKS!"- Rodger (TEXAS)

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